The PRRN Code of Professional Conduct and Terms of Membership

The Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) Code consists of ten guidelines according to which each member of the Network conducts its business.

Competency Guidelines

The Competency Guidelines refer to each of the types of records a PRRN member is proficient in retrieving, as specified in The National Directory of Public Record Vendors.

  1. We know where each type of local public record is maintained.
  2. We access these agencies regularly.
  3. We understand the contents of the documents we retrieve.
  4. We search records ourselves in those agencies that do not conduct searches for the public.
  5. We maintain good relationships with agency personnel.

Client Service Guidelines

The Client Service Guidelines refer to the way in which each member of PRRN is expected to serve its clients.

  1. We return calls promptly.
  2. We complete projects as promised.
  3. We explain our charges in advance.
  4. We will expedite results, on request.
  5. We will explain how agencies maintain their records, on request.

Terms of Membership in PRRN

PRRN is a service provided to the retrieval industry by BRB Publications, LLC for the purpose of promoting standards in the industry. The long standing principals of BRB, formed by Mike Sankey and Carl Ernest, adopted by BRB's Director, Kimberly Sparger.

PRRN Members agree to follow the highest standards of ethics and conduct in all their dealings with other members and with clients. These standards not only include those explicitly listed in the Code of Professional Conduct, but also include such matters as paying Invoices in a timely fashion and not accepting projects which members are not competent to complete correctly or in a timely manner.

Once you are a PRRN Member, your continued membership depends on your maintaining the standards expressed in the Code of Professional Conduct and the Terms of Membership. The Director of PRRN may, at their sole discretion and without notice, cancel the membership of any member that, in their opinion, has not met the spirit of these terms. Fees will not be returned upon cancellation of membership.

Members agree explicitly not to hold the Director or any other members liable in any way for reporting or taking action on problems or disputes communicated to them in good faith.