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The Public Record Retriever Network

Welcome to the home page of PRRN—the Public Record Retrieval Network!

Simply put, PRRN Members are professionals who access government records on-site at local, federal, and state courts or recorder's offices, to do name searches and/or obtain copies of file documents. PRRN Members are often hired to assist with the pre-employment screening, investigations, lending, litigation, or legal compliance.

As recognized leaders in local public record searching and document retrieval, PRRN Members agree to follow the highest ethical standards of professional conduct for local searching and document retrieval procedures as well as in all their dealings with other members and clients. With nearly 500 members in 48 states, PRRN is one of the largest U.S. trade groups representing professionals in the public records industry.

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Jurisdiction Alert

January 12, 2022 - Santa Clara, CA Superior Court Restricts Public Access

Effective immediately through January 31st, the Santa Clara California Superior Court has closed its public counters and limited entry to the public due to staffing levels and illness.

October 27, 2021 - New Jersey - Issue with Public Access System

Due to a problem with the New Jersey Public Access System, civil searches cannot be completed at this time. The court is aware of the problem and is working to restore the system; however, no time frame has been given as to when the system will again be fully operational.

March 31, 2020 - Courts Impacted by COVID-19, Provided by PBSA

The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) team is tracking the impact of COVID-1 on the courts. You can find their list of courts being affected by visiting https://thepbsa.org/covid-19-resources/covid-19-impact-on-public-records/.

January 02, 2020 - Musselshell County Justice Court, MT Fee Increase

Effective January 2, 2020 Criminal Background/Employment checks through the Justice Court increased to $25 per name/DOB. The court previously charged requestors only $2 per year/per name.

July 01, 2019 - Wolf Point Justice Court (Roosevelt County, MT) Now Charging for Record Searches

Criminal & Civil record searches in the Wolf Point Justice Court (Roosevelt County, MT), that were previously free, will now cost $5.00 per name. This fee includes a 10 year search. For extended year searches, the court charges $1.00 per additional year requested. Please note that the clerk's assistance is needed to obtain a record search in this court. There is not a public computer nor are there any other materials available to the public for searching.

April 13, 2019 - Fee Increase for Criminal Record Searches in New York

New York has approved an increase in the cost of criminal record searches conducted by the Office of Court Administration's CHRS (Criminal History Record Search) Unit. Effective April 13, 2019 the fee increased from $65 to $95 per name and date of birth. For more information related to this increase visit the CHRS homepage at https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/chrs/SignIn.

May 02, 2018 - Record Searching Delays in Lowndes County (GA) Courts

The Superior, State and Magistrate courts in Lowndes County Georgia are in the process of converting their in-house public access terminals to a new system - Odyssey (Tyler Technologies). During this transition, neither the clerk or the public can perform record searches. Although the court system expects the new online portal to be available for searching as of 05/04/2018, the release date is subject to change as they work towards ensuring a smooth transition to the new system. The searching challenges on the new system that researchers may be facing are not yet known. We will provide an update for this county as we receive information from the court and feedback from local researchers.

March 07, 2018 - Bentonville District Court (Benton County, AR) Record Search Procedures

The Court Clerk at the Bentonville District court has determined that the court will no longer perform record searches for the public without a written affidavit. The court's public index is available online at https://justiceweb.bentonvillear.com/justiceweb. Please note that the online docket site only dates back to May 2013.

December 04, 2017 - Problems for Name Searches at Chambers County (TX) Courts

The courts in Chambers County Texas have converting both their online system and in-house public access terminals to a new system - Odyssey (Tyler Technologies). The issue is currently the system does not allow a name search; at present one can only do a search by case number. Also, with the move to Odyssey, Chambers is now no longer on the docket.com system. The court personnel are doing their best to accommodate researchers, but they have a huge, huge backlog. So I suspect there will be delays for a while.

September 25, 2017 - Changes at Santa Monica Courthouse - CA

Effective Nov. 1, 2017, the Santa Monica Courthouse will no longer accept filings for family law cases. Documents requesting restraining orders may continue to be filed at that location. Family law matters previously filed at the Santa Monica Courthouse will be accepted for filing at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles 90012.

August 09, 2017 - Arizona Superior and Justice Courts

Effective August 9, 2017, numerous Superior and Justice Court fees increased in Arizona. The Clerk's record search fee at the Superior Court increased from $27.00 to $28.00. The same increase also takes place for a record certification - from $27.00 to $28.00. Similar fee increases also occurred at the Justice Court level with the search and certification fees both increasing from $25.00 to $26.00.

August 01, 2017 - Louisiana Recorder Offices and District Courts

Effective August 1, 2017, the fee for a certified copy of a recorded document increased from $5.00 to $10.00. Since the Clerk of the District Court is also the ex offico records, a number of Parish District Courts also increased their fee for certified copies, even though that fee increase was not part of the new law.