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Welcome to the home page of PRRN—the Public Record Retrieval Network!

Simply put, PRRN Members are professionals who access government records on-site at local, federal, and state courts or recorder's offices, to do name searches and/or obtain copies of file documents. PRRN Members are often hired to assist with the pre-employment screening, investigations, lending, litigation, or legal compliance.

As recognized leaders in local public record searching and document retrieval, PRRN Members agree to follow the highest ethical standards of professional conduct for local searching and document retrieval procedures as well as in all their dealings with other members and clients. With nearly 300 members in 48 states, PRRN is one of the largest U.S. trade groups representing professionals in the public records industry.

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Jurisdiction Alert
02/20/2024 - Los Angeles, CA Revises Search Criteria Options for Criminal Name Searches
Beginning February 24, 2024, the Superior Court of Los Angeles, California will no longer include the month and the year of birth as criteria in its criminal name search engines. This change affects searches conducted via the court's on-site public kiosks and the court's website at
02/01/2024 - Kansas Update May 2024
Following the October 12, 2023 security incident, ALL Kansas District courts have restored online access to records. The court is only guarateeing accuracy of records up until the date of the security incident. It has been confirmed that all courts have finished updating records and adding newly filed cases to the system. See